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API Documentation for GBDK 2020
sgb.h File Reference
#include <types.h>
#include <stdint.h>

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#define SGB_PAL_01   0x00U
#define SGB_PAL_23   0x01U
#define SGB_PAL_03   0x02U
#define SGB_PAL_12   0x03U
#define SGB_ATTR_BLK   0x04U
#define SGB_ATTR_LIN   0x05U
#define SGB_ATTR_DIV   0x06U
#define SGB_ATTR_CHR   0x07U
#define SGB_SOUND   0x08U
#define SGB_SOU_TRN   0x09U
#define SGB_PAL_SET   0x0AU
#define SGB_PAL_TRN   0x0BU
#define SGB_ATRC_EN   0x0CU
#define SGB_TEST_EN   0x0DU
#define SGB_ICON_EN   0x0EU
#define SGB_DATA_SND   0x0FU
#define SGB_DATA_TRN   0x10U
#define SGB_MLT_REQ   0x11U
#define SGB_JUMP   0x12U
#define SGB_CHR_TRN   0x13U
#define SGB_PCT_TRN   0x14U
#define SGB_ATTR_TRN   0x15U
#define SGB_ATTR_SET   0x16U
#define SGB_MASK_EN   0x17U
#define SGB_OBJ_TRN   0x18U


uint8_t sgb_check (void) OLDCALL PRESERVES_REGS(b
void sgb_transfer (uint8_t *packet) OLDCALL PRESERVES_REGS(b


uint8_t c

Detailed Description

Super Gameboy definitions.

See the example SGB project for additional details.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ SGB_PAL_01

#define SGB_PAL_01   0x00U

SGB Command: Set SGB Palettes 0 & 1

◆ SGB_PAL_23

#define SGB_PAL_23   0x01U

SGB Command: Set SGB Palettes 2 & 3

◆ SGB_PAL_03

#define SGB_PAL_03   0x02U

SGB Command: Set SGB Palettes 0 & 3

◆ SGB_PAL_12

#define SGB_PAL_12   0x03U

SGB Command: Set SGB Palettes 1 & 2


#define SGB_ATTR_BLK   0x04U

SGB Command: Set color attributes for rectangular regions


#define SGB_ATTR_LIN   0x05U

SGB Command: Set color attributes for horizontal or vertical character lines


#define SGB_ATTR_DIV   0x06U

SGB Command: Split screen in half and assign separate color attribes to each side and the divider


#define SGB_ATTR_CHR   0x07U

SGB Command: Set color attributes for separate charactersSet SGB Palette 0,1 Data


#define SGB_SOUND   0x08U

SGB Command: Start and stop a internal sound effect, and sounds using internal tone data


#define SGB_SOU_TRN   0x09U

SGB Command: Transfer sound code or data to the SNES APU RAM


#define SGB_PAL_SET   0x0AU

SGB Command: Apply (previously transferred) SGB system color palettes to actual SNES palettes


#define SGB_PAL_TRN   0x0BU

SGB Command: Transfer palette data into SGB system color palettes


#define SGB_ATRC_EN   0x0CU

SGB Command: Enable/disable Attraction mode. It is enabled by default


#define SGB_TEST_EN   0x0DU

SGB Command: Enable/disable test mode for "SGB-CPU variable clock speed function"


#define SGB_ICON_EN   0x0EU

SGB Command: Enable/disable ICON functionality


#define SGB_DATA_SND   0x0FU

SGB Command: Write one or more bytes into SNES Work RAM


#define SGB_DATA_TRN   0x10U

SGB Command: Transfer code or data into SNES RAM


#define SGB_MLT_REQ   0x11U

SGB Command: Request multiplayer mode (input from more than one joypad)


#define SGB_JUMP   0x12U

SGB Command: Set the SNES program counter and NMI (vblank interrupt) handler to specific addresses


#define SGB_CHR_TRN   0x13U

SGB Command: Transfer tile data (characters) to SNES Tile memory


#define SGB_PCT_TRN   0x14U

SGB Command: Transfer tile map and palette data to SNES BG Map memory


#define SGB_ATTR_TRN   0x15U

SGB Command: Transfer data to (color) Attribute Files (ATFs) in SNES RAM


#define SGB_ATTR_SET   0x16U

SGB Command: Transfer attributes from (color) Attribute Files (ATF) to the Game Boy window


#define SGB_MASK_EN   0x17U

SGB Command: Modify Game Boy window mask settings


#define SGB_OBJ_TRN   0x18U

SGB Command: Transfer OBJ attributes to SNES OAM memory

Function Documentation

◆ sgb_check()

uint8_t sgb_check ( void  )

Returns a non-zero value if running on a Super GameBoy

Since sgb_check() uses sgb_transfer(), the same delay at startup requirement applies to ensure correct operation on PAL SNES. See sgb_transfer() for details.

◆ sgb_transfer()

void sgb_transfer ( uint8_t packet)

Transfer a SGB packet

packetPointer to buffer with SGB packet data.

The first byte of packet should be a SGB command, then up to 15 bytes of command parameter data.

See the sgb_border GBDK example project for a demo of how to use these the sgb functions.

When using the SGB with a PAL SNES, a delay should be added just after program startup such as:

// Wait 4 frames
// For PAL SNES this delay is required on startup
for (uint8_t i = 4; i != 0; i--) wait_vbl_done();
void wait_vbl_done(void) PRESERVES_REGS(b
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: stdint.h:51
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Variable Documentation

◆ c

void c