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types.h File Reference
#include <asm/sm83/types.h>

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Data Structures

union  _fixed


#define OLDCALL
#define PRESERVES_REGS(...)
#define NAKED
#define SFR
#define AT(A)
#define NORETURN
#define BANKED
#define CRITICAL


typedef INT8 BOOLEAN
typedef INT8 BYTE
typedef UINT8 UBYTE
typedef INT16 WORD
typedef UINT16 UWORD
typedef INT32 LWORD
typedef UINT32 ULWORD
typedef INT32 DWORD
typedef UINT32 UDWORD
typedef union _fixed fixed

Detailed Description

Shared types definitions.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define OLDCALL


#define PRESERVES_REGS (   ...)


#define NAKED


#define SFR

◆ AT

#define AT (   A)


#define NORETURN




#define BANKED


#define CRITICAL



Typedef Documentation


typedef INT8 BOOLEAN



typedef INT8 BYTE

Signed 8 bit.


typedef UINT8 UBYTE

Unsigned 8 bit.


typedef INT16 WORD

Signed 16 bit


typedef UINT16 UWORD

Unsigned 16 bit


typedef INT32 LWORD

Signed 32 bit


typedef UINT32 ULWORD

Unsigned 32 bit


typedef INT32 DWORD

Signed 32 bit


typedef UINT32 UDWORD

Unsigned 32 bit

◆ fixed

typedef union _fixed fixed

Useful definition for working with 8 bit + 8 bit fixed point values

Use .w to access the variable as unsigned 16 bit type.

Use .b.h and .b.l (or just .h and .l) to directly access it's high and low unsigned 8 bit values.