An updated version of GBDK, A C compiler, assembler, linker and set of libraries for the Z80 like Nintendo Gameboy.

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Current release for Windows: WINDOWS Binaries

Current release for MacOS: MacOS Binaries

Current release for Linux: Linux Binaries

You don’t need the sources, unless you wish to compile GBDK-2020 yourself. Download the current release binaries using the links above.

Upgrading to a new version? Check the Migration notes.


Online documentation is avaliable HERE

A good place to start is the Getting Started Section.

Check the Links and Third-Party Tools Section for a list of recommended emulators, graphics tools, music drivers and more.


GBDK is a cross-platform development kit for sm83 and z80 based consoles. It includes libraries, toolchain utilities and the SDCC C compiler suite.

See the Supported Consoles & Cross Compiling documentation for more details.

Supported Consoles:

Current status

For full list of changes see the ChangeLog file


Over the years people have been complaining about all the issues caused by a very old version of SDCC (the compiler). This is a proper attempt of updating it while also keeping all the old functionallity working, like support for banked code and data and so on

The last version in the OLD repo is 2.96 although releases are available until 2.95-3. Version 2.96 is the starting point of this repo


Most users will only need to download and unzip the latest release

Then go to the examples folder and build them (with compile.bat on windows or running make). They are a good starting point.

Discord servers


For SDCC you can check its website and the manual

Build instructions

Unless you are interested on recompiling the sources for some reason (like fixing some bugs) you don’t need to build GBDK